Rusty Daisy Gift Company

A small-town boutique featuring fresh flowers, candles, home decor, purses, clothing and much much more....

A small-town boutique featuring fresh flowers, candles, home decor, purses, clothing and much much more....

The Rusty Daisy Gift Company is a florist and boutique located in Daysland, Alberta and owned by Mandy Spiller. Looking back at the Rusty Daisy's seven years of operation, Mandy is most impressed by how the Rusty Daisy has made her a part of the community.

"Being new to town I didn't have many friends, now I think of and treat my customers as good friends. I have been through a few hard times and I have had cards, angels, gifts, and even flowers sent to me. At that moment I knew how special our community was. When I got married, I was overwhelmed at my bridal shower I couldn't help but cry. I was a new person in a community that completely embraced me... maybe because I embraced them and put myself out there. I have a passion for small towns and I love that I am able to help out where I can."

What makes The Rusty Daisy unique is that Mandy has made this store her own, and with it comes a unique authenticity. "I have a unique eye and a true love for everything I carry in my store. I make my own greeting cards with 'my kind of sense of humor'". Along with its one-of-a-kind factor, it is also a very friendly place, and Mandy treats all her customers as friends.

"Making people happy makes me happy, and doing something little for someone can change their day. I have to sometimes be with people at their most vulnerable moments. Maybe a death or sickness. They see me and I try to brighten their day with flowers. Yes, flowers die, but they show the person you are thinking of them and that's what really matters."

Mandy is a busy woman between being a mother and managing the Rusty Daisy. It is very rewarding for her as she has never been more in love with her little store after having her son. He has brought a new light to her life and it shows through her work. With this rewarding feeling, however, has come challenges, spending time with family and being in the store cannot be done at the same time.

"I know my hours aren't great but it's about finding a balance between motherhood and working. I encourage you to call me if you ever want to come shopping with a group or really really need something. I'm happy to help."

Mandy is able to see the power of relationships and word of mouth. She has had positive feedback from her customers telling her that her store is truly a "rural treasure" (Lynne Jenkinson).

"With the support of Flagstaff County, things just keep getting busier and busier for me. If people are coming to town to see me, maybe they will go elsewhere too. We have a lot to offer in Daysland and my store is the perfect time killer for people waiting for the dentist, their medical appointment, or getting Christmas Sausage at the meat market. I love that we all try and support each other, I feel there is room for all of us to be successful."