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We know that as a business owner it’s so important to find the right information when you need it. We’ve helped make the process easier by sourcing tools, articles, videos and books to answer the most common questions rural based businesses have at each stage of business.

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Business Growth Roadmap

Where does your business fit in the growth journey? Check out each of the following four stages to identify which one best describes your business and find resources tailored to your needs.


Key Business Tasks:

▸ Identified a business idea, completed a lean business canvas.

• Joined Flagstaff Crafted as a member.


Key Business Tasks:

▸ Operations: Registered business, filed for GST number, insurance acquired, completed business plan, completed a yearly strategic plan with measurable goals such as business objectives & key results (OKR’s) and key performance indicators (KPI’s).

▸ Marketing & Sales: Created a marketing plan, established at least one marketing channel and one platform/location for sales.

▸ Finance: Determine operational costs, track monthly cash flow, file taxes, open a bank account.

• Participate in Flagstaff Crafted Gift Guide and join directory as well as participate in Meetups.

• Financial target: Generating revenue to meet/ exceed costs of business.


Key Business Tasks:

▸ Marketing & Sales: Social media strategy, brand package, target market identified, and personas created, identify collaboration opportunities.

▸ Finance: Annual financial report, owner receives a salary.

▸ Operations: Company values, purpose, vision and mission established, agreements created for wholesalers/retailers/vendors, annual strategy created with quarterly goals established and measured.

• Update Flagstaff Crafted directory description, create targeted approach for Flagstaff Crafted Gift Guide.

• Financial target: Consistent revenue that could ideally sustain one employee (generally owner) on at least a part time basis $30–60K.


Key Business Tasks:

▸ Operations: Create Hiring Process (job postings, interview, onboarding, performance reviews), values & purpose embedded throughout operations/marketing/sales, wellness & culture plan established, processes documented and explained, CSR & giving.

◦ Values based communication:

▸ Marketing & Sales: Establish secondary sales platform (e.g., e-commerce, wholesaler, niche events), networking and partnership development plan established, brand guidelines established, sales CRM implemented.

▸ Finance: Weekly cashflow, establish allocations for profit, equipment upgrades, emergency fund and begin to establish fund to cover 3 months of secondary employee (could be part time), identify payroll options.

• Featured as Flagstaff Crafted Success Story.

• Financial target: Revenue of $100-200K.

• Revenue should allow the owner to receive a salary, set aside profit allocation, equipment upgrades, emergency fund and begin to establish fund to cover 3 months of secondary employee (could be part time).

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