What is Flagstaff Crafted?

A program hosted by Flagstaff County, Flagstaff Crafted is a progressive initiative committed to supporting inspired, highly motivated, and growth-minded business owners so that they can create impactful, global businesses, achieve their potential and not be limited by location, circumstances or access to resources.

Launched in 2019, Flagstaff Crafted helps entrepreneurs tell their stories, grow their customer base, and connect them with resources. Supporting these entrepreneurs contributes to diversifying and continuously improving our local economy. Small businesses account for 98% of our region’s business community and Flagstaff Crafted is proud to support their efforts as they create jobs, support local community events, create products for us all to enjoy, and put Flagstaff County on the map globally.

How do I become Flagstaff Crafted?

If you are full of passion and ready to make strong connections with other local businesses, Flagstaff Crafted is for you! To join, simply click on the ‘SUBMIT BUSINESS’ button on the Flagstaff Crafted website – flagstaffcrafted.ca. This is your story! Please share information to help us get to know you better. It is VERY important that you tell us everything your business has to offer so that we can showcase your business to its full potential. We would love to hear why you choose to do business in the Flagstaff Region, how you collaborate with other local businesses, and ways your business contributes to the Flagstaff Crafted Region communities. We want to know why your business is unique and amazing in its own way — don’t be shy!

How do I know if my business qualifies to participate in the Flagstaff Crafted Program?

To qualify for the Flagstaff Crafted program, your business must be…

  • Headquartered in the Flagstaff Region or within 40 kilometers of our region border.
  • Dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.
  • Open to collaborating with other local businesses, and
  • Supportive of the Flagstaff Region and our business community.

How does the Flagstaff Crafted Program support businesses?

  • Free online marketing through the Flagstaff Crafted website and social media channels.
  • Free business and product photography.
  • Educational resources including online webinars, access to a business strategy coach, maker meetups (pre-Covid), monthly blogs on the website.
  • Bi-annual Gift Guide featuring a curated collection of Flagstaff Crafted products. The gift guide does require an online e-commerce presence. This has encouraged many of our makers to transition to online sales which is important to stay viable during Covid.
  • Business resources – The Flagstaff Crafted website has a full list of business resources for makers to refer to.
  • Business collaborations – several of our makers have collaborated following their connection through the Flagstaff Crafted program.
  • Networking opportunities through meetups both in-person (pre-Covid) and online.
  • Program participant encouragement – our makers are the most supportive of one another.
  • Wider reach to advertise – shared posts on Flagstaff Crafted social media allows for a farther reach to an audience outside of their following.
  • Using the collective impact of our maker community to generate opportunities and growth for everyone.
  • Program advertising in magazine ads, local business ads, local newspaper ads, movie theatre ads, etc. This greatly enhances the exposure of businesses participating in the program by driving consumers to the website.

Have an idea (blog topic, makers box collaboration, etc.) you want to share?

We love new ideas, and we are always open to your input. Without YOU the makers, there would be no Flagstaff Crafted Program. Have an idea that you believe would have a positive impact on the Flagstaff Crafted community? Email ecdev@flagstaff.ab.ca, we would love to hear from you!

How do I keep upto-date on the latest Flagstaff Crafted business opportunities?

Once you have been accepted into the program you are added to the Flagstaff Crafted email list. Through email, Flagstaff Crafted social media and the Flagstaff County Facebook page, you will be notified of the different opportunities the program has to offer.

How do I keep up to date on the latest Flagstaff Crafted business opportunities?

Once you have been accepted into the program you are added to the Flagstaff Crafted email list. You will be notified about new opportunities through email, Flagstaff Crafted social media and the Flagstaff County Facebook page.

Do you have brick and mortar locations?

Wishing to shop Flagstaff Crafted products in person? The Flagstaff Region and surrounding business communities have many different Flagstaff Crafted products in store. Here is a list of a few brick-and-mortar locations in which you can shop Flagstaff Crafted products:

Budding Ideas Flowering Gifts – Mainstreet, Killam, AB

HOM of Well Being – Mainstreet, Daysland, AB

Laurie’s Vintage Creations – 5103 50 St, Viking, AB

Main Street Medley – Mainstreet, Alliance, AB

Rural Root Collective – Mainstreet, Killam, AB

Rusty Daisy Gift Company – Mainstreet, Daysland, AB

The Sweeterie by Cute and Classy Cakes – 5223 49 St, Camrose, AB

Wooden Spoon Café and Cake Shop – 4819 48 Ave, Sedgewick, AB

How do I purchase a product from a Flagstaff Crafted business?

To shop Flagstaff Crafted products online, simply visit the Flagstaff Crafted website home page and click on Makers Directory. Here you will find a directory listing of Flagstaff Crafted small businesses. Most Flagstaff Crafted businesses offer an online e-commerce site however, some do not. When you click on a business you will be directed to their page where you can see a summary of what they offer. Click on VIEW WEBSITE to shop online. If a business does not have an e-commerce site, we encourage you to reach out to them by sending a direct message through their social media platforms.

How many times a year do you publish the Flagstaff Crafted Gift Guide?

Flagstaff County’s Economic Development team, the people running the Flagstaff Crafted program, have created the Flagstaff Crafted Gift Guide. The Gift Guide is published bi-annually – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Inside each Gift Guide you will find a collection of products and services which is intended to showcase the unique and incredible options that are available locally. In order to qualify to have your products featured in the Gift Guide, you must have an online e-commerce presence. There have been 3 Gift Guides published to date – VIEW HERE.