Laurie’s Vintage Creations Home Decor

Home decor boutique and DIY shop

Home decor boutique and DIY shop

Owner of Laurie's Vintage Creations & Home Decor, Laurie Ritchie, fell in love with home decor when she was a teenager. She recalls moving her bedroom furniture around to create a different look for her room! Her love for decor escalated years later when she and her husband became homeowners and Laurie would find herself repainting the walls, moving furniture and creating different vignettes throughout their home. Laurie gets excited about the changing of the seasons because that means she is able to change up her decor and give rooms a new feel.

Moving into the future, Laurie was blessed with two children, and while they grew up she found they became more independent and did not need her as much. She was fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mom for many years (which she loved), but as the kids grew up she found herself home alone contemplating what her purpose was. Laurie began to worry that she started to rely on her kids as her source of happiness and knew she didn't want that for herself or her kids. She realized that it was time for her to have faith in herself and take a chance by opening up a little boutique store in Viking, Alberta!

Laurie has now had her shop for five years and she is loving the challenge! Throughout the store's life, she has carried home decor items and recently she has added DIY workshops into the mix. In 2018, she renovated her boutique to accommodate space for a workshop area, and that space remains busy. Laurie is overwhelmed daily at the outpouring of support she receives both locally and throughout the surrounding communities. She looks back and lists the greatest gift she has received as the connection she continues to make with the women who come in to participate in workshops as well as those who browse through the store.

Laurie's reason for her boutique continues to be the offering of a peaceful, warm and safe place to come, create, and do a little retail therapy for oneself! Laurie enjoys collaborating with other business people within Flagstaff County and she hopes these partnerships continue into everyone's future!