Father’s Day at Flagstaff Crafted
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Father’s Day at Flagstaff Crafted

I don’t know about you readers but when I ask my dad what he wants for a gift he always replies with the infamous “I don’t need anything” or “socks and underwear”. If you’re all out of ideas for the perfect Father’s Day gift, you’re in the right spot! We have created a list of staff picks of our favourite Father’s Day gifts — Flagstaff Crafted style, of course. You could not find a more original gift than the ones handcrafted on this list, and as small as this world is, Flagstaff is smaller. I’m sure your dad will be able to make connections back to the maker of his gift, whether it be his neighbor’s-daughter’s-boss’s-sister or even his sister’s-boss’s-daughter’s-neighbour!

Jenalee’s Pick: Rebel Ridge Soap Scrub

My dad is a hardworking farmer, so every day when he comes into the house he always has something on his hands; whether it be dirt, grease, grime, or sometimes a mix of everything! The mechanic’s orange bar from Rebel Ridge Soaps makes it easy for him to get washed up for supper! The large amounts of pumice and walnut shells make it extra scrubby and the orange essential oil helps with breaking down grease and oils.

Kristy’s Pick: NRG Coffee

My dad is an early riser, that’s for sure! He is used to waking up before dawn from his days in the military. To add some Alberta kick to his morning I’m going to buy him some NRG Coffee for Father’s Day. My dad deserves a batch of coffee that has been perfectly roasted with special attention paid to each batch! NRG Coffee is a prairie grown business and offers the finest hand-roasted coffee for my Dad to start the day off right… and give him a caffeine boost to keep up with his busy grandson!

Kerri’s Pick: Products from The Rusty Daisy Gift Co.

If anyone knows me they know I like to shop. So for Father’s Day, I am going to head over to The Rusty Daisy and look around for a perfect basket of gifts for my dad. There are things like SWIG and SIC water bottles to keep his drinks cold or hot, lots of cool signs, mugs, picture frames, underwear, and T-shirts perfect for dads who like to camp or farm! While I’m there I might pick myself up a little something, because my dad wouldn’t even be celebrating Father’s Day if it wasn’t for me, right?

Bria’s pick: Cupcakes from Cute and Classy Cakes

My dad has a nose, eyes, and stomach for chocolate. If there is ever chocolate in the house he will be able to find it. So for Father’s Day, my perfect gift for him is some cupcakes with chocolate everything! Cute and Classy Cakes make delicious cakes and cupcakes, and I’m sure some chocolate cupcakes from Cute and Classy are bound to put a smile on my dad’s face!

If all else fails… liquor!

Most dads we know will never pass up a nice cold drink, especially on Father’s Day! If you’re still all out of ideas your dad might enjoy some rural, homegrown, delicious liquor made by Section 35 Farm Distillery! Their liquor is distilled on a 4th generation farm using honey from bees located on the farm or the neighbor’s farm! Pick some of the good stuff up at Railside Spirits in Sedgewick, Co-op Liquor Store in Killam, or 49th Street Liquor in Daysland!

Join us and celebrate Father’s Day Flagstaff Crafted style! With so many creative local businesses to choose from, we know there are countless more gifts our makers have to offer that can put a smile on your dads face! Shop local, and get your dad a one of a kind gift that shows how much he means to you.