Cute & Classy Cakes

Cute & Classy Cakes creates over the top specialty cakes & treats for your special event.

Cute & Classy Cakes creates over the top specialty cakes & treats for your special event.

Cute & Classy Cakes owner Tania Greenwald started creating cakes for her daughter, now 16, and every year she pushed to make that year's cake even more fun and creative than the last. Shortly after her son was born, she started creating cakes out of enjoyment for other family members which very quickly turned into a business. Cute & Classy Cakes is operated on custom pre-orders so every cake made is unique, and no two cakes are ever the same! With that being said lots of creativity, trial and error, and attention to detail are put into each and every order which is very time-consuming.

Tania and her husband have two children who are ten years apart in age which has made the decision to build her commercial kitchen in a separate building on their acreage that much easier. Tania is able to be home with her family when she needs to be, and with her business in a separate facility, it is easily accessible while still allowing Tania to separate work from home. Her family has recently fallen in love with Hawaii and plan to return there in the upcoming winter. With Tania's business, it is hard for her and her family to do as much camping as they used to, so they really enjoy getting an extra splash of summer in the winter!

Tania looks back onto her life as having many great accomplishments, but nothing like the accomplishment she feels towards her business, Cute & Classy Cakes. Through this, she has been able to meet many interesting people, create some INSANE cakes, and has been able to help her community in a way she never thought she'd be able to.

Tania is able to do everything from seven-tier wedding cakes, crazy sculpted tractor cakes, cupcakes, macaroon cookies, French pastries, pies, donuts, custom cookies and any other baking you can think of. If you can dream it, she can bake it!