NRG Coffee Company

    Our goal is to bring you great coffee that adds positivity to your life & those you share it with...

    Life isn't perfect but your coffee should be.

    NRG Coffee Company is a family team roasting coffee along with the help of their three little boys. Their love for quality coffee has slowly evolved throughout the last 15 years, enjoying the experience of specialty coffee shops and buying freshly roasted beans. Realizing what a difference a quality cup of joe makes in a person's day... "so here we are, living our dream!"

    Their goal is to bring you great coffee that brings positivity to your life..."Hey, I'll make you a coffee" - conversation, the best ingredient in coffee ...the aroma and nostalgia that takes you back ...igniting brilliant ideas just waiting for your eNeRGy ...making complexities seem simple ...and providing you with that reference point.

    They do their best to bring you the best! The art, science, and consistency from sourcing great coffee to each handcrafted small batch is what makes their relationship with their coffee so unique. They roast on a Garanti drum roaster. They have found it to be an exciting, challenging and enjoyable craft to learn as well as the people they have met through the trade has been a totally positive experience.

    Try it ...Enjoy it ...Give it forward.