Women In Business – We see you!
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Women In Business – We see you!

COVID-19 has disrupted the workplace in ways we’ve never experienced before. The 2020 Women in the Workplace report  from LEAN IN and McKinsey & Co., highlights that “working mothers have always worked a “double shift”—a full day of work, followed by hours spent caring for children and doing household labour. Now, the supports that made this even possible for women—including school and childcare—have been upended.” In Canada, 20,600 Canadian women fell out of the labour force between February and October 2020.  

This March 8th, for International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all the talented, determined, take-charge women who deal with challenges day in and day out. The ones who had to leave their jobs — which may have represented years of education as well as safety and security — in order to care for their children, their families or to keep themselves safe during a major health crisis. Those aren’t easy decisions! They’re hard, some of the hardest a person may ever have to face.  

The team at Flagstaff Crafted would like to take a moment to honor ALL women who find the strength to think creatively, innovatively and passionately – those women who are led by their dreams and turn them into reality – YES, we see you! 

We are celebrating the dedicated full-time mothers who work overtime hours every day, leading their families through the uncertain times and creating the best possible “new normal” for their household.

We are inspired by the young women and girls in our communities, showing their kind hearts, fierce minds and brave spirits – the future is yours for the taking!

We commend the women who are continuing to learn and advance their education, shifting to virtual learning and academic pursuits that may bring future opportunities.

Flagstaff Crafted is so honoured and inspired by the many women who make up our makers, crafters and business owners. When COVID-19 threw challenges at you, when 2020 smacked you down — you rose up and challenged it head on. What you have endured this year — and what you have created — is truly aspirational. 

As a Flagstaff team, we provide business support, networking and resources to make your journey as an entrepreneur smoother and easier. Please get in touch to learn how we can support you!