Identifying Your New Starting Line: Moving forward from chaos, changes and fatigue.
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Identifying Your New Starting Line: Moving forward from chaos, changes and fatigue.

Price: $25.00


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



With provincial restrictions changing in March, we have an opportunity to get you, the businesses participating in the Flagstaff Crafted program and all Flagstaff Region small business started on the right foot for the Spring. By facilitating a kick-off Maker Meetup focused on what we are leaving behind and what we are moving towards, we can help you move away from the doom and gloom of the pandemic, demonstrate empathy and give you a place to share your challenges, as well as figuring out the one next step you need to take to get back on track.
During this one-hour Maker Meet up, business strategist Amanda Wagner will facilitate and focus on four main areas:

  1. Acknowledging challenges and commiserating over all the hardships of the last two years.
  2. Making decisions about what we are leaving behind (attitudes, circumstances, complaints).
  3. Identifying what we want to define moving forward (our new starting line!).
  4. How we can increase feelings of focus and control and committing to the one next step each business owner needs to take.

This Maker Meetup will be designed with specific activities and prompts in mind to give all attending business owners the space and encouragement to reflect on their own experiences, without being prescriptive about what you ‘should’ be doing. Before you can move into ‘productivity mode’ and focus on big business goals, you need time to process, share your experiences, and be met with empathy, kindness, no judgement, and an opportunity to share where you are at.

Join us as we discuss new ways of getting back on track!

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