Top 8 Tools for Scaling Stage Businesses
For the Makers

Top 8 Tools for Scaling Stage Businesses

Helpful Tools for Makers, Service Providers and Food Creators

As you scale your business we want to help save you time with helpful tools that will strengthen your operations as well as your sales and marketing strategies. Check out our 8 recommendations of tools that will help you reach the next level.


Tool 1: 30 Question Checklist to find an ideal location

Use these 30 questions to help you work through your decision about where you might want to expand to next. This checklist provides a thorough strategy overview and will help you feel confident about your next move.

Tool 2: How to get great customer feedback on your business idea

We know that business success is determined by ensuring our products and services meet a specific need or paint point for our customers. Yet often it can be hard to gather great feedback to guide decisions as to how you might change current products/services or develop new ones. Use this format to help you get the most out of gathering customer insights.

Tool 3: How to host a design sprint

A Design Sprint is a tool that allows you to to build and test a prototype in just five days. It allows you to see how customers react before you invest all the time and expense of creating your new product, service, marketing campaign… or whatever!

Tool 4: Intentional Hiring Course by Amanda Wagner, Flagstaff Crafted Business Advisor

Create a repeatable process for hiring with intention – from figuring out who you need on your team and the skills and experience you require, all the way to onboarding, communicating feedback, and facilitating one-on-ones.  Indicate you are a Flagstaff Crafted member when you register to receive a preferred rate.

Tool 5: Calendly — Automatic Calendar Scheduling Software

Calendly is a free online scheduling service (paid versions also available) that shows people what times you’re available so they can book meetings with you rather than having to go back and forth through emails to identify a time that mutually works.

Marketing & Sales

Tool 6: The Digital Economy Program (DEP)

This free service is designed to help small businesses in Alberta take their businesses online. Get assistance in adopting eCommerce practices including training and advisory support towards digital strategy development. Learn about Google My Business assistance, social media posts, and taking awesome pictures for your businesses.

Tool 7: Brand Guidelines Downloadable Templates

These templates cover all elements of branding rules, from brand logo, voice, and identity to general brand style allowing you to add in your specific information in a professional format.

Tool 8: How to Make a Spreadsheet CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A Spreadsheet CRM is great way to get your business organized so you can keep track of all of your key contacts. If you’re not ready yet to commit to a fee based CRM service start here and remember that you can always import all that data into a ready-made CRM as you grow.

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