Top 5 Tools for Growth Stage Businesses
For the Makers

Top 5 Tools for Growth Stage Businesses

Helpful Tools for Makers, Service Providers and Food Creators

So you’ve come up with a business idea, built out a strategy and explored your market and now you’re ready to grow and focus on generating consistent revenue that allows you to financially support yourself. This stage of your business will require strengthening your business concept and practices. Often at this stage, most of your time is spent working in the business so when you have time to work on the business we want to provide you with our favourite tools that you can put to work today!


As you grow your business it’s important to know your company values so you can determine what qualities you are looking for to form successful collaborations with other businesses, ideal partners, distributors and vendors as well as which qualities you are seeking in potential contractors or employees.

Tool 1: How to Create a Strong Company Culture

Step by step guide to creating your business values and purpose along with questions to consider.


Now that you are past the Building phase you are ready to evolve your marketing plan and start getting more strategic about how you will target the ideal clients. Use these tools to help you take your marketing to the next level.

Tool 2: Branding Package by Sofia G

This tool explains what should be included in a brand package and why. Whether you’re building out your own brand package or working with an agency or contractor, this tool will provide you an overview and checklist as to what should be considered.

Tool 3: Press Kit & Media Kit

This tool helps you unpack what to include in a press and media kit and how to get more earned media coverage.

Tool 4: Creating Personas & Defining your Ideal Market

You may have created personas in your initial marketing plan, however as you grow you need to more fully refine who your ideal market is and evolve your demographic information into psychographics. Learn how to take it to the next level with this tool.


In the building stage you learned how to start tracking your cash flow and what practices you could put in place to set you up to generate a profit. The next step is ensuring you have an annual financial report that allows you to look for trends month over month and year over year to help you make healthy financial decisions.

Tool 5: Annual Financial Report Template — PDF Download

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