Personal & Professional Growth: Join our Flagstaff Crafted Program
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Personal & Professional Growth: Join our Flagstaff Crafted Program

New year, new growth — as we step into 2024, we’re excited to help you grow personally and professionally. At Flagstaff, we thrive on helping small businesses flourish and reach their goals through resources and opportunities offered inside our Flagstaff Crafted Program.

You’re invited!

When you join the program, you’re taking the first step to reignite your business through local marketing supports, networking extensions, advertising affiliations, and more.

Flagstaff helps you dig deep to realign your passion with your purpose – all while reaching your goals and setting your business up for sustainable success.

We believe in you – our Members – and help you see your true growth potential. We offer a plethora of resources including, but not limited to:

Online Marketing

Get free online marketing extensions to lift your brand’s awareness and intrigue. Flagstaff Crafted is promoted via a myriad of media, including paid online support, to help drive people to the region.

Professional Photos and Videos

Because visuals matter, and people make an impression within 1/10th of a second. Through the Flagstaff Crafted program, you’re given access to professional photographers and videographers, to up your visual game.

A Supportive Team

Continue learning, growing, and expanding your business through the support of Flagstaff County’s Economic Development team as well as business strategy coaches.

Business Collaborations

Team up and strategically co-brand your business with other Members! Having a solid network of like-minded business owners around you can offer a unique opportunity to refine your offerings and grow your company.

Networking Opportunities

Speaking of networking, create a community of support through ongoing Flagstaff Crafted networking opportunities. Learn from those around you and gain a network of support and collaboration.

Advertising Extensions

Be a part of the word – the movement – that’s happening in Flagstaff. We’re always promoting not just our program, but the local area, and all the wonderful opportunities that await.

Learn more about the Flagstaff Crafted program, and additional reasons to join, on our site.

We’d love to have you. So, how do you join?

To qualify, you’ll need to meet the below points:

  • Your business is headquartered in the Flagstaff region or within 40 km of our border.
  • You’re dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.
  • You’re open to collaborating with other local businesses.
  • You’re supportive of the Flagstaff Region and our business community.
  • Become a member here!

A Little More About Us

We know the customer connection can be enhanced through storytelling, and love helping entrepreneurs tell their stories via locally distinct products and resources.

We’re also incredibly proud that small businesses account for 98% of our region’s business community. Currently, our program is run by the Economic Development team at Flagstaff County. More here.

Looking forward to chatting with you further!