More Than Just A Vision
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More Than Just A Vision

What exactly are vision boards, and how do they work? Vision boards are a physical collection of images and words that represent your dreams; they create a visual representation of where you see yourself, your business, and your goals. In other words, they provide a roadmap for the direction you want your life to go. But how do you create that connection with images?

Well, it turns out that visualization is one of the most powerful practices for our minds. When we see our visions in front of us, it keeps us positive, goal-orientated and productive in our quest to bring our goals to life. Use vision boards for goals regarding business, relationships, personal growth — anything, really! Here are some ideas for your vision board:

Make your board about the feelings you want instead of the things you want.

The feeling is what inspires manifestation, not the object itself. For example, if you want to drive happiness, and nature gives you a sense of happiness, cover your board in your favourite plants or pictures of nature instead of photos of smiling people!

Put it somewhere you can see.

A vision board isn’t any help if you can’t see it! The trick is to put it somewhere that you’ll see every day, for example, your office, front entrance or your bedroom. Alternatively, some people make their vision boards the background on their laptop!

Use both images and writing.

Find inspiration for your photos from magazines, online websites (Pinterest, Unsplash, etc.), or quotes from movies, songs or people you admire. It can also be beneficial to write down certain goals or words that you want to see every day. Make sure you handwrite these notes — the personal touch goes a long way.

There are no rules.

The beauty of vision boards is that there is no right or wrong approach to how you decide to decorate. You can reference other vision boards for inspiration, but it should reflect your goals and the future you see for yourself. That’s pretty cool if you ask us.

Make updates when necessary.

If you’ve achieved your goal (you go, you!) or find there has been a shift to your vision, you can update your vision board whenever necessary to best suit your current position in life!

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Using these tips, you should have fun and feel inspired to create a vision board to stay positive about your future. If you’re ever feeling stuck, grab a cup of coffee and spend some time ruminating on the feelings and emotions you’ve envisioned for your future (we can feel the positivity already!) Time to grab your scissors and glue — let’s get started.