How to Grow Your Team and a Positive Culture
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How to Grow Your Team and a Positive Culture

Thoughtfulness is key

When your business is growing, you naturally want to foster a positive work culture and add to the team intentionally. Here’s a few sure and easy ways to expand while keeping the culture exciting and fulfilling for everyone.

Define the Culture

The first step is to ask employees which values, beliefs, and behaviours they feel would nurture the team. Once a culture is established, you can assess how the team will work with it (e.g., social outings, open communication, deserved kudos, collaborating often).

Build Connections

Going out for after-work drinks or heading to a holiday market for team building are fun ways to have employees get to know each other. When colleagues start to feel more like friends, they’re more likely to collaborate, be excited and stay engaged.

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Hire People Who Fit the Culture

Culture can greatly reflect the behaviour of team members, so you’ll need to make sure new hires elevate and support this — not take away from it.

A best practice is to have team leads work closely with HR when recruiting. It can be helpful to have characteristics you’re looking for listed out ahead of time.

Keep Expectations Clear

Team members are much more successful in their roles when they know exactly what’s expected of them. Nobody wants to spend energy producing work that ends up not being needed, or not contributing to an overall goal.

Pro-tip: Keep employees looped in with the company’s vision and wins with regular meetings and create individual team goals and targets. Having team members see their place and impact within the organization is important! Additionally, communicating clear feedback and offering support where needed goes a long way.


Look for these tell-tale signs your team culture is a fulfilling and positive one:

  • Laughter happening daily.
  • Employees being excited and engaged.
  • Candidates eagerly awaiting to hear from you.

By thoughtfully defining your culture, you’ll be able to create genuine connections with a growing staff. Happy employees mean you’ll be moving much more cohesively toward your business’s vision and goals — big or small.