Find Grants for Entrepreneurs in Alberta
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Find Grants for Entrepreneurs in Alberta

Starting or scaling your business? True grants can be hard to come by, but there is money available if you are eligible and know where to look! When looking into small business grants, it pays to remember you should never be asked for money in exchange for grant info.

To help you get started, here’s a list of available grants across Alberta!

Arts & Culture Grants

Canada Periodical Fund (CPF)
Canada Music Fund (CMF)
Alberta Media Fund (AMF) — Cultural Industry Organization Operating Grant
Film and Video Individual Project Funding

Grants for Agriculture & Forestry Industry

Canadian Agricultural Partnership in Alberta
Dairy Processing Investment Fund
Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program

Employment Grants and Wage Subsidy

Youth Employment and Skills Program (YESP)
Student Work Placement Program – Participant
Canada Summer Jobs
Youth Employment Program (YEP)
Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)
HIRE Program

Environment and Sustainability Grants

Climate Action Fund
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Sustainable Development Technology Canada: Seed Funding

Export Support Grants

Alberta Expansion Program
CANExport SMEs
Startup Global
Soft Landing Program
Creative Export Canada
Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

Support for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program: Access to Capital
Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF)
Multiculturalism, Indigenous and Inclusion Grant (MIIG) Program
First Nations Development Fund Grant Program
Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI)
The Indigenous Forestry Initiative
Indigenous Arts Individual Project Funding
Creating, Knowing and Sharing Program
Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program (AEPP)
The Métis Entrepreneurs’ Assistance Program (MEAP)

Technology Support Grants

Alberta Innovates — Carbon Capture and Utilization
Alberta Innovates Voucher Program
Alberta Innovates — Micro voucher
Alberta Innovates — Product Demonstration Program
Scale AI
Canadian Technology Accelerators
Accelerating Innovations into CarE
Industrial Research Assistance Program

Other Grants

Strategic Innovation Fund
Women Founders Fund

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For more on Alberta small business resources, visit the Alberta government website here, or the Canadian government website here.