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Willow Hill Designs proud to be a handmade business with a full line of finished & custom designs as well as a vast collection of DIY kits & projects.

Willow Hill Designs proud to be a handmade business with a full line of finished & custom designs as well as a vast collection of DIY kits & projects.

Willow Hill Designs is a husband and wife team operating out of their home workshop near Heisler. Originally, this business was known as "Designs by K" as wife Karen Wolbeck was seeking to start her own home business while husband Dennis was working at a nearby coal mine. Dennis was adamant that he did not want to be involved in his wife's projects, but he couldn't help but get his hands busy with the woodworking aspect. Their projects started out simple: small signs, boards, custom designs, some glass etching, all done with vinyl and stencils. Throughout the early years, Designs by K became busier and busier - too busy to be doing everything by hand. In late 2013, Karen and Dennis took a leap and believed in themselves by purchasing their first CNC Machine. With the couple officially joining forces, they felt as if a new name was in order. Inspiration struck later when looking out their front window. Their house was built on a bit of a hill with a giant Willow tree out front-- thus, Willow Hill Designs was born. Today, Willow Hill Designs focuses on a full line of wholesale products for DIY'ers as well as adding a few finished designs into the mix. In 2021, this team added a new UV Printer into their workshop, rounding out their catalog of designs with full colour printed signs and designs - from small home decor to oversize business signage.

What inspires the couple most when it comes to their business is the creativity and the endless possibilities available. Now that they have the technology, the right equipment, the skill and the knowledge; they can do almost whatever they can think of! Their only constraint now is time- each day they wake up with an idea of something they want to cut, paint, engrave, or design only to come to the conclusion they have to wait for another day. They have learned the valuable skill of time management through balancing their work life and their home life. They have three busy, but beautiful children who fill their lives with love, happiness and a tad bit of chaos. This is truly a family-run home business - they try to involve their kids on a day to day basis, as safely as possible to teach them to follow their passions and work with their hands!

Willow Hill Designs attributes the success of their business due to their attention to detail and high quality of craftsmanship with each design that leaves their shop. Willow Hill Designs has had great support with returning customers and word of mouth referrals, which demonstrates high customer satisfaction with their products.

Willow Hill places great value on collaboration with other local small businesses. They admit that sometimes it pushes them out of their comfort zone by creating things that they don't normally do, but it also shines a light on an area of business that they hadn't thought of yet! Willow Hill Designs has also collaborated with a local artist for her website design services, which has been invaluable for their online presence. They believe that having an outsider look into your business and provide a fresh eye on marketing strategies, can help steer your vision in a direction you never thought possible.

Currently, Willow Hill Designs is a full wood workshop running a 5ft x 10 ft CNC Router for large custom cut designs They have two 24x18" laser cutter/engraver for fine engraving, personalization and detailed designs as well as a 4ft x 8ft UV Printer for permanent printed designs direct to wood/metal, plastic or other substrates. All machines work cohesively together to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces for everyone.