The River Jacks

    The River Jacks are a 5-piece Central Alberta based cover band.

    "Our goal is to share the music people want to hear"

    The River Jacks are a 5-piece Central Alberta based cover band. They saw an opportunity to start a band that plays at local events because there has been so much demand for live entertainment in this region. Each member of The River Jack has been playing music for most of their lives and can't imagine not playing music for people! What makes The River Jacks unique is its members. Each person brings their own talent, musical perspective, and experience to the band. Also, as a local band, their repertoire is heavily influenced by the people in this region. Their goal is to share music that people want to hear, so they focus on playing hit songs and requests that get the most people dancing!

    One notable struggle for The River Jacks is making everything work with everyone's individual schedule. Each band member has their own things going on, and time seems hard to find to meet up, practice, and add in new material. However, The River Jacks also feel like this struggle is one of their notable strengths. Even though they aren't able to practice as much as they would like, the band members never feel worried because they know that each member will show up to events on time, prepared, and ready to go!

    The River Jacks are most proud of the fact that they work hard as a group at delivering a great show while enjoying each other's company at the same time. It's a cycle that continues to pay off for them. The River Jacks love to have a busy gig schedule and are always looking for new tunes to learn while listening to and watching other musicians.