Donna Hanson Artworks

    Donna is an artist who works in Acrylic, Oil and Encausic (painting with beeswax). She lives and paints in Camrose AB.

    Donna is an artist who works in a variety of mediums - acrylic, oil, and encaustic (beeswax)

    Donna Hanson is a self taught artist who loves discovering and exploring new techniques in all mediums including watercolor, acrylics, pastel, oil, and mixed media, as well as the ancient art of encaustic painting (painting with beeswax).

    ​Her paintings centre around the natural beauty found in flowers and landscapes, explored in an abstract and impressionistic way through the use of color, big bold brushstrokes, and abstract mark-making. Her paintings, whether in acrylic or encaustic are often full of texture and interest and her goal is to impart A feeling of happiness and joy in the viewer. She often uses other media within her paintings, such as oil stick, pastel, graphite, and oil pastel, as well as incorporating found objects and paper within the paintings. She says she makes Art for the Senses in that not only are they visually interesting, but they are texturally and sensually interesting.

    Donna works out of her home studio in Camrose and encourages studio visits.