Cowboy Country Crafts

    Offering a range of rustic creations including barn wood tack home decor, rope/horse collar wreaths, and painted windows

    Cowboy Country Crafts specializes in upcycled barn wood tack home decor that embraces the rural aesthetic.

    Cowboy Country Crafts came to life when owner Michelle Herbert started buying tack from a friend who collects and sells used tack. All proceeds from purchasing the used tack go to a local horse rescue! At first, Michelle used her eye for creating decor as a way to decorate her own home and make items for Christmas gifts for friends and family. After receiving great feedback, she decided to turn her passion into a business! Michelle loves to use her creativity to give used tack and barn wood a new life so that it can be appreciated for the history it holds. In addition, Michelle loves that her business is able to help horses in need at the same time as creating art. As Cowboy Country Crafts grew, Michelle also started doing workshops and fundraisers on easier projects like pebble art or wood cookie decorations. Michelle partners with the local bar and library in Forestburg to host workshops. She loves being able to collaborate with other businesses to create some community buzz for a night! As a busy mom with 6 horses, 5 cats, a dog, two teen boys in 4H, rodeo, curling, golf, basketball, volleyball, and so much more Michelle loves that Cowboy Country Crafts giver her quiet time to recharge!