Flagstaff Fresh Markets strive to serve our local communities with quality, locally farmed and focused products, while supporting growth of prospering businesses and entrepreneurs in the Flagstaff Region.


From savouring produce at the peak of freshness, to finding unique, creative handmade products, to seeing smiling faces within our communities, there are countless reasons to attend a Flagstaff Fresh Market.

When is the next Flagstaff Fresh Market?

2022 Flagstaff Fresh Market

Main Street Sedgewick

Thursday, August 25th

4:00pm – 7:00pm

Vendor Applications

Handmade Business

Vendor applications are now open and we invite all small businesses that are exclusive to ALL THINGS LOCALLY MADE, GROWN OR PRODUCED to apply to participate in the Flagstaff Fresh Market below.

Multilevel Marketing Business

We invite all Multilevel Marketing businesses to apply to participate in the Flagstaff Fresh Market below.

Flagstaff Fresh Market Rules and Regulations

  • Barricades will be set up at 12:00 pm on Main Street Sedgewick to ensure that the street is clear of all vehicles prior to market opening.
  • Vendors must be set up and ready to operate by 3:45 pm the day of the market.
  • Public selling begins at 4:00 pm and ends at 7:00 pm.
  • Sold out vendors must display a “sold out” sign on their table and remain completely set up and present at their booth in the market until 7:00 pm. They are not permitted to leave early.
  • Vendors are responsible for removing and taking away from the market their own garbage and stall cleanup. Vendors offering samples must supply garbage containers for their customers in an easily accessible location, and must remove the containers with all the garbage when they leave.
  • HAVE FUN!!

Wanting to host a Flagstaff Fresh Market in your town?

Email – klefsrud@flagstaff.ab.ca