Usually Sweet

    Taking time and care to make breads that nourish and sweets that please.

    Usually Sweet was created as a means to share Katie's love for baking with her local community.

    Usually Sweet opened its doors in 2019 and was coined such, thanks to Katie's love of everything sweet. Katie's at-home kitchen is where her wildest dream of being a homemaker has come true. Breads and sweets have always been a favourite of hers and now they are a specialty.
    Katie caters to those who are looking for intricate sourdough bread and confections and she's always looking for suggestions, ideas, and special requests.
    Baking will always be a learning process, where she is continuously searching for guidance, forever combining the same ingredients in different rations, and enjoying time spent gathered around the kitchen table enjoying (and critiquing) the daily bread.
    The magic of yeast and the delight that desserts evoke are two of the most awe-inspiring aspects of what Katie does. The most inspiring, however, is our local talent. It’s astounding! Being able to share her passion with such a supportive community is amazing and is no doubt the most fulfilling part of Katie's business venture.