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STYLED by Lynette

An Interior Stylist sharing her love of home decor, flowers and interior styling.

An Interior Stylist sharing her love of home decor, flowers and interior styling.

STYLED by Lynette is a passion-driven business offering thoughtfully curated Home Decor Collections, Seasonal Florals, and Interior Styling Consultations for the person who wants their home to feel welcoming and be a space that brings them joy.

STYLED by Lynette has been in the making for over 30years. From her early years, Lynette Hayes has always been drawn to interior styling, playing with flowers and she loved visiting small gift shops and meeting the owners. It is these experiences of meeting sweet and passionate business owners that inspired Lynette to have a store of her own!

From watching the driven, successful entrepreneurs intertwined throughout her life, and with the support of her husband and daughters, Lynette took the leap and started STYLED by Lynette in June of 2020. Finding the right home/family/work-life balance is important to her, so it was an easy decision to turn her garage into her workspace studio.

You can find Lynette in her studio styling florals for her flower subscriptions and seasonal arrangements. She has also set up a space in the studio to showcase her Home Decor Collections. Check out her latest collection on her Instagram page @styled_bylynette and let her images and styling inspire you. You might also see Lynette at local markets with a Flower Bar for customers to pick fresh flowers and take home a paper-wrapped bouquet to enjoy.

Every home has a style and Lynette loves helping others find their style and make their home their own! It is so rewarding for her to help clients turn their house into a home they love.

Reach out to Lynette on Instagram and Facebook to find out details about all she has to offer. Lynette is full of great ideas and is always thinking of what she can create and how she can bring her eye for style to your space.