ReVive Wood Products Ltd.

    Reviving and re-purposing out-of-service utility poles into unique works of art.

    ReVive Wood collects out-of-service utility poles and transforms them from waste to their natural beauty.

    ReVive Wood is a locally owned and operated business in Killam, Alberta that works to collect and divert out-of-service utility poles from local landfills and revive the wood from within. This family-owned and operated business began in 2016 when owner Dan McRae cut a power pole lengthwise for the first time which revealed the unbelievable natural beauty of the wood. Since that moment, Dan knew he could not let this resource go to waste as these poles would live out the rest of their lives in landfills otherwise. Since the discovery, ReVive Wood is now operating two saw mills with different sized blades which allows the company to custom cut nearly any timber order, utilizing as much of the power pole as possible.

    ReVive Wood is proud to offer sustainable wood products to customers made from 100% recycled and re-purposed wood that is upwards of 300 years old. They are able to custom cut timbers for furniture (benches, tables, etc.), gazebos, pergolas, pavilions, or just about anything in between. Their timber supply is mostly made up of red and yellow cedar, but has a mixture of spruce, fir, and pine as well. Revive Wood chose to operate in Flagstaff County because Flagstaff County is home. The McRae family was born and raised on a farm near Killam, which they still operate today. They are proud to be members of the community and try their best to support other community members. Revive Wood has been working with other local businesses since the beginning and will continue to do so.