Mustache Bros 2018

    A food truck featuring food made with delicious locally grown products.

    "We decided our menu needed to convey our interest in locally grown products"

    This food truck is actually a spin-off business for owners Tim and Jody Johnsey. Their initial business is TJ's Market Garden which is operating out of The Greens Store on Main Street Forestburg. There they sell fresh, locally grown and herbicide and pesticide-free produce as well as cooking and serving meals to their customers. The Mustache Bros 2018 became an extension of TJ's Market Garden because, when researching different ways to expand their business, Tim and Jody realized a food truck would fit nicely into their schedules. When settling on the idea of owning a food truck, both Tim and Jody felt that the food truck menu should be reflective of their interest in locally grown products. They chose to serve bison and grass-fed antibiotic-free beef as their burger options. These burgers are topped and bottomed with delicious homemade burger buns. The owners also use their own home grown potatoes for their fries and poutine.
    The Mustache Bros 2018 food truck hit the ground running last year and continued through the winter with a local wing night, Saturday night specials, and breakfast at their Greens Store in Forestburg. While the summers are very busy compared to the winters, owners Tim and Jody find the buzz of the summer very rewarding.