Lil Ryley Farms

    A veggie U-Pick and on Farm market filled with all locally produced products.

    Helping educate and build transparency with their customers one carrot at a time.

    Lil Ryley Farms was built on helping educate their son on why and how his food is produced. This soon turned into a business of wanting to help educate and create transparency all while feeding the community. Lil Ryley Farms is proudly situated on an early 1900s homestead just outside of Bawlf, AB where they grow vegetables, raise hens and sheep, and run a farm market store filled with all things local. If you ever wondered exactly what goes into producing your vegetables or producing those amazing eggs you eat for breakfast, this is where Lil Ryley Farms comes in. They like to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with their customers through social media and then open up their farm gates every weekend to allow you to join in the fun. Without all the maintenance and risk of farming, you get to experience the best parts of it all, picking the "dirt surprises" and taking them home to feed your family. Lil Ryley Farms looks forward to continuing to feed their community delicious local food.