Henry's Honey

    Local beekeeper making flavored honey. 60 different flavors to choose, from savory to sweet.

    Let Your Taste Buds Buzz

    Sitting along with his parents one spring day in 2014, Henry's dad said "hey!! let's get some bees". Henry's response to his dad was "yeah, ok!" What started out as his father's idea, turned into a business for Henry. He managed to get 4 hives and from the moment they showed up, he was hooked. The biggest lesson he learned the first year was making sure to let them grow in order to survive the winter. He also realized that selling raw honey wasn't easy and that he needed to make something from the raw honey that stood out from the rest. After participating in several markets, he noticed other honey farmers selling flavored honey straws. Being a curious guy, Henry decided to try them out, and much to his delight, he enjoyed the taste. This is when he knew he could stand out from everyone by creating his own quality honey flavoring. He began diffusing several different flavors into his honey and created a collection of flavors that was sure to please many different palates.