Battle River Alpacas

Battle River Alpacas create luxurious hand-knit products made from natural alpaca fibers.

Battle River Alpacas create luxurious hand-knit products made from natural alpaca fibers.

Battle River Alpacas began in 1994 when owners Ernie and Denise Gamroth purchased their first alpacas. Since then, they have been very active in the Alpaca Industry in western Canada by selling breeding stock, producing products for sale, and being active members of local Alpaca clubs. This involvement has led them at times to raise over 60 alpacas at once! Throughout the years, Enrie and Denise developed a very busy and successful custom shearing business by turning mobile and sheering well over 10,000 animals from BC to SK without the alpacas having to leave the farm. In 2014, after 20 years of business, Ernie and Denise sold their alpacas in order to be able to travel, but because they loved the animals and industry so much, they continue to make and sell products at markets. By doing so, they feel they are continuing to support their beloved industry by introducing and supplying exceptional products to their clients.

Alpacas produce one of the softest and most luxurious natural fibres in the world - so soft and rare it was once reserved for royalty. Battle River Alpaca's products are even more unique because there are very few breeders that sell products made from Alpaca fibre, and even fewer are ones that also hand-make their products and use Alberta alpaca fibre. Ernie and Denise look back to their greatest struggle and success to be in regards to their alpaca education. Since they create such unique products they had to educate themselves in regards to the benefits and value of alpaca fibre, how to raise alpacas, etc.

Ernie and Denise truly have a passion for what they do. They love the animals, their fibre, and love that people recognize them as raisers of alpacas and producers of alpaca products. They feel as though their products' only limits are imagination and time. Battle River Alpacas offer very reasonable prices to allow for the most economical way for everyone to enjoy the wonderful soft silky properties of alpaca fibre. What inspires Ernie and Denise are their clients. They love to hear wonderful comments about their products- how warm they are yet natural and breathable, how clients love the hand-knit stories, the uniqueness of each knitted product, and the ability to buy and support locally.